Rural economic development

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Enabling rural economic development in Ontario

I’m a little disappointed in myself for not immediately noticing the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing’s (MMAH) release of new draft policies for the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) on September 24th.  After all, who doesn’t love digging into a newly issued list of land use policy statements the minute they’re released? I know, I know – only the planners have to worry about the policies, right? Read the full blog post

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Economic development in rural communities needs more investment from both the federal government and private sector

As a consultant, I get the pleasure to speak with business owners in communities across Canada for their input to municipally-led development projects.  I hear about the local business environment and innovative business owners and entrepreneurs who can make their location a suitable place for business.  However, a common complaint that I hear from some business owners is that banks do not invest in rural Ontario, which limits their ability to expand their business. Industry Canada’s Community Futures Development Corporations does provide financing to businesses in rural Ontario, but some business owners and entrepreneurs argue that not nearly enough funding is available to support business expansions. Read the full blog post

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