Rural-urban partnerships

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Making the most of rural-urban partnerships

A new report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development explores how the changing relationship between neighbouring urban and rural areas crosses “traditional” administrative and political boundaries in economic development. The distinction between urban and rural is becoming increasingly vague as people live, work and play in areas that include both.  Although these areas have different assets, they often complement each other. Successful rural-urban partnerships can improve the provision of public services and increase growth opportunities and quality of life for people, helping these regions reach economic development objectives. Read the full blog post

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TINAN Number 50 (November 2013)

In TINAN Number 50

  • Leveraging employee engagement in economic and workforce development
  • Turning vacancies into communities
  • Making the most of rural-urban partnerships
  • Are the creative industries as innovative as we think?
  • Client Corner: CBS’ Main Street Recognized
  • Resource Review: Cultural Mapping: A Guide to Understanding Place, Community and Continuity

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