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Canada’s skills gap – Fact or fiction? Depends on who you ask

Labour shortage. Skills mismatch. Skills gap. Long has the debate been building. Recent contributions to the conversation include  questions around the reliability of job vacancy data and reports from the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) and TD Bank that argue there is little evidence of a national or economy-wide labour shortage in Canada. This debate is not isolated to Canada, and in fact there are numerous dialogues, including some debate about the very existence of a skills gap in the United States. Aaron M. Renn, author of the Urbanophile website, makes some interesting arguments that view the concept of a skills gap in a different light, including thatemployer behaviours may be more of a driving factor than a lack of qualified talent in the labour pool in the US. Read the full blog post

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TINAN Number 55 (May 2014)

In TINAN Number 55

  • Getting down to the nitty-gritty on local labour market data
  • Canada’s skills gap – Fact or fiction? Depends on who you ask
  • Company Corner: Jon Beale joins the MDB Insight team

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Why I’m learning to code

By Tarryn Landman

Coding has hit the headlines a number of times in recent months as companies, educational institutions, and organizations look at the growing importance of this skill. At the big picture level, some suggest that coding is coming to almost any industry you can think of, including the public sector through groups like Code for America, making coding literacy essential. It’s a skill that’s particularly important given the rise of digital fabrication and the maker movement. From a workforce perspective, teaching young people (particularly girls and women) to code is one way of closing the gender gap in technical fields and helping the United States to fill the 1.4 million jobs in computer science estimated to exist by 2020. Read the full blog post

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TINAN Number 46 (June 2013)

In TINAN Number 46:

  • New BDC toolkit supports small businesses using social media
  • From Rust Belt to Artists Belt
  • Bridging the IT skills gap
  • OECD releases the 2013 Better Life Index
  • Company Corner: MDB Insight and Vicinity Jobs launch Jobs Demand Report
  • Resource Review: On Indignation and Occupation

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