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Conventional wisdom has it that large corporations are a huge boost to a local economy, generating new job opportunities and all the knock-on spending effects that come with them. In an effort to attract them, cities often offer large corporations millions of dollars in subsidies and tax breaks. While big corporations play an important role for local economies, new research suggests that startups and small businesses could give them a run for their money.

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Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosysytem in your City by Brad Feld

Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosysytem in your City

Much has been written about the impact of entrepreneurship on local and global economies. In fact, when many traditional and well established jobs began to disappear as a result of the recent financial crisis, start-ups were being created, growing and adding jobs at a record rate. It seemed that overnight governments, universities and investors became interested in initiatives that would foster and support an entrepreneurial culture. Start-up Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in your City is aimed at anyone interested in creating, building and sustaining a start-up community.

Written by Boulder, Colorado, entrepreneur turned venture capitalist Brad Feld, the book advances a framework for creating and building a start-up community in any city at any time, making a distinction between entrepreneurial companies and small business. Read the Full Review

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TINAN Number 28 (September 2011)

In TINAN Number 28:

  • Canada, USA Slide in 2012 Global Competitiveness Rankings
  • New Tools for Urban Network Analysis
  • Mapping Community Stories
  • The Impact of SMBs
  • Company Corner: MDB Insight’ Harrowsmith Office Moves to Kingston
  • Resource Review: Innovation Ecosystems: How Spaces Spawn ideas
  • Company Corner: Lindsey Savage Joins the MDB Insight Team

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TINAN Number 23 (April 2011)

In TINAN Number 23:

  • The US and UK launch StartUp programs for small businesses
  • Urban studies meets Web 2.0
  • Supporting youth integration into the workplace
  • What makes a city happy?
  • Success factors of high-performing economic development organizations
  • MDB Insight to Open Western Office
  • Client Corner: Town of Ajax
  • Resource Review: The Business of Design

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