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TINAN Number 53 (February 2014)

In TINAN Number 53

  • Tech and Taxes: Incentives get increasingly creative
  • It’s time to shift focus from STEM to STEAM
  • Millennials actually might have it worse than previous generations
  • Getting a grip on the global gender gap
  • Company Corner: Erle Lamothe joins the MDB Insight team
  • Resource Review: History and The Medici Effect

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Why I’m learning to code

By Tarryn Landman

Coding has hit the headlines a number of times in recent months as companies, educational institutions, and organizations look at the growing importance of this skill. At the big picture level, some suggest that coding is coming to almost any industry you can think of, including the public sector through groups like Code for America, making coding literacy essential. It’s a skill that’s particularly important given the rise of digital fabrication and the maker movement. From a workforce perspective, teaching young people (particularly girls and women) to code is one way of closing the gender gap in technical fields and helping the United States to fill the 1.4 million jobs in computer science estimated to exist by 2020. Read the full blog post

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Making Makers: Transforming skills development, igniting creativity, and building our future

Perhaps you’ve heard about the dilemma facing many communities, local businesses and job seekers. Termed theskills mismatch,  thousands of jobs are going unfilled and thousands of people remain unemployed, resulting in significant lost revenues and earnings. Addressing the skills mismatch goes beyond simply getting people into training programs. It’s about creating a resilient, skilled and engaged workforce that has the capacity drive economic development. At the same time, the maker movement is growing across the globe and will affect learning and training in ways that have perhaps not even been articulated yet. When thinking about developing the next generation of workers, the birth ofFabLabs, hacker spaces, tech shops, and maker spaces will change how people will become the leaders, inventors, scientists, developers, and entrepreneurs of the future. Read the full blog post

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TINAN Number 45 (April 2013)

In TINAN Number 45:

  • Closing the STEM gender gap
  • How pop-up urbanism is helping communities
  • Libraries – the original business incubator?
  • The world’s fastest growing cities
  • Company Corner: Court Ellingson Named to the Economic Developers Alberta (EDA) 2013 Board of Directors
  • Resource Review: Turnaround: Third world lessons on growth

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