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TINAN Number 48 (September 2013)

In TINAN Number 48:

  • Finding talent in non-traditional ways
  • The power of Big Data for economic development
  • The pursuit of happiness: Placemaking and economic development
  • Ranking global competitiveness
  • Company Corner: Valerie Kuhns joins the MDB Insight team
  • Resource Review: The Great Degeneration

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Attracting Professor Smith: The Key to Community Prosperity…

Meet ‘Professor Smith’, a pseudonym for an academic superstar who has published more paradigm altering papers before the age of 35 than most academics are lucky enough to publish in their entire lifetime. Professor Smith could work at almost any English speaking university on the planet. Professor Smith represents workforce ‘talent’ or ‘human capital’ at the highest level. In many ways, she and the professionals like her are the ‘idea machines’ that propel the entire knowledge based economy forward. Read the full blog post

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Canada Needs a National Workforce Strategy

I’ve been searching the web to see what provinces in Canada have a national workforce strategy. I found that Canadian provinces have been very proactive in putting pen to paper and crafting their strategic approach, ensuring they have the talent and the skills needed to meet their local economy demands. So why is it, then, that we have communities that are struggling to find the talent needed to fill job vacancies, and we have job seekers walking the pavement trying to secure employment? Read the full blog post

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TINAN Number 26 (July 2011)

In TINAN Number 26:

  • Leveraging Human Capital in the Cultural Sector
  • Mapping Immigrant Skills
  • Is Canada Interested in Innovation?
  • How Some American Metros are Responding to Manufacturing Job Loss
  • On the Topic of Talent Attraction
  • Company Corner: MDB Insight Welcomes Ryan Jeffrey to the Team
  • Resource Review: How We Sabotage Success – And How to Undo the Damage

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