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TINAN Number 43 (January 2013)

In TINAN Number 43:

  • Entrepreneurship empowers everyone
  • The solution starts with a plan
  • Why walkability matters
  • Community building through gaming
  • Company Corner: Larry Petovello to work with MDB Insight as an Associate
  • Resource Review: Is Canada’s economy in hot water?

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Google shakes up the travel industry

On July 1st, 2010 Google announced it would buy ITA software, the leading source of critical air fare software used by search engines and travel sites alike, such as Hotwire and Air Canada Vacations. The question is, how will this affect the consumer? is a group of businesses united in support of a healthy Internet future, where greater consumer choice and economic growth are driven by competition, transparency and innovation in online search. This organization has taken the position that if Google were to buy ITA Software it would threaten the competitive online travel search market and could limit the competition and innovation that benefits consumers. Experts fear that if this is approved, consumers can expect to face higher prices and less choice when searching for travel online.

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TINAN Number 22 (February 2011)

In TINAN Number 22:

  • Cultural mapping and economic development: Recent tools and development
  • New social media seminar for economic developers
  • Angels investing in the local economy
  • Halló, my name is Iceland…
  • Skillshed Analysis – Get to know your workforce
  • Client Corner:  City of Markham
  • Resource Review:  FutureShock: Rethinking Education for the 21st Century Economy

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TINAN Number 14 (June 2010)

In TINAN Number 14:

  • Contribute to a New Rural Economic Development Handbook
  • New “How To Guide” Helps Local Governments Tackle Rural Unemployment in the UK
  • Building Communities With Soul
  • Georgetown University Releases Projections of US Jobs and Education Requirements through 2018
  • New Report Explores Economic Development in a Low-Carbon Economy
  • Online Surveys 2.0 – Free Software Unveiled
  • Client Corner:  International Recognition for Perth County’s BR+E Efforts
  • Resource Review:  Richard Florida Hits Reset

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TINAN Number 9 (January 2010)

In TINAN Number 9:

  • 2010 CDTF Funding Now Available in Saskatchewan
  • Digital Gaming Industry on the Rise in Canada
  • 13 New Tourism Regions Announced in Ontario
  • Measuring the Effects of R&D Spending
  • Graph Synergie Finds Innovative Way to Showcase Technology Parks Online
  • Powering Up Aboriginal Energy Conference
  • Employment Development Index December 2009
  • Company Corner:  Two New Members Join the MDB Team
  • Resource Review:  PR 2.0: Putting the Public Back in Public Relations

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TINAN Number 6 (October 2009)

In TINAN Number 6:

  • 2010 ICCI Applications Extended Until October 26th
  • Creativity in the Rural Economy: Challenges and Opportunities
  • New FedDev Agency for Southern Ontario Announces Project Funding, Outlines Organizational Structure
  • Niagara Workforce Planning Board Produces Innovative Green Collar Jobs Strategy
  • Employment Development Index September 2009
  • Client Corner:  The County of Elgin
  • Resource Review:   2009 Annual National Salary Survey

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TINAN Number 3 (July 2009)

In TINAN Number 3:

  • Mapping the Recession: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not in Canada’s Economy
  • The Tamaki Factor: New Zealand’s Innovative Tourism Model
  • Feds Release New Funding Guide for Rural and Northern Communities
  • The Green Collar Economy
  • The New Economic Oracle
  • Client Corner:  Survey on Hamilton Marketing
  • Resource Review:  Why your World is about to get a whole lot Smaller

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Why Your World is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller: Oil and the End of Globalization by Jeff Rubin

It’s a Small World After All

Why Your World Is About To Get A Whole Lot Smaller

It seems strange to talk about soaring oil prices with the bottom dropping out of the market, but that’s the starting point for Jeff Rubin’s new book Why Your World is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller: Oil and the End of Globalization.  Rubin is the former Chief Economist for CIBC, Canada’s 5th largest bank, and – depending who you ask – it was this controversial book that was linked to his jumping (or being pushed) from that plum post.  Rubin suggests that while oil may be cheap now, that’s because we’re in a recession – when the recovery takes hold, process will soar, possibly past the previous peak of $147 a barrel.  That sounds like boom times for energy producing regions again, but Rubin also points to other local economic impacts. What happens when shipping cheaply produced goods from China becomes cost prohibitive?  Local manufacturing goes through a renaissance.  What happens when it’s no longer affordable to truck our food thousands of miles from farm to table?

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