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The first ever (3)

The first ever global map of cultural

and creative industries

Compared to more traditional industries, Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) are often only partially described and generally misunderstood or undervalued, creating challenges in understanding their economic weight in both mature and emerging economies.

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TINAN 75 (October 2016)

In TINAN 75 the MDB Insight team looks at:

  • Creating opportunity for all
  • Why are American men leaving the workforce?
  • Innovative solutions to retool cities
  • Gentrification: Improvement or displacement?

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TINAN 70 (April 2016)

In TINAN 70 the MDB Insight team looks at:


  • A look at the workforce of 2020
  • Canadian job quality ranks as “average”
  • Is income inequality making us unhappy?
  • Changing binary views of suburbia
  • Client Corner: The Town of Greater Napanee
  • Resource Review: The Local Economy Solution

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Create win-win-win results with employer engagement

There’s no universal solution to bringing job seekers and employers together. It’s not simply a relationship between labour supply and labour demand; it requires the commitment of government to support relevant programs and services and the creativity of intermediaries to help employers access local talent.  Read the full blog post

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 Millier Dickinson Blais rebrands as
MDB Insight

(TORONTO, ON – September 18, 2015) Millier Dickinson Blais is pleased to announce the launch of a new name, MDB Insight, and new logo to reflect expansion in its practice areas. MDB Insight is a management consulting firm focused on equipping communities for success in the 21st century economy. Read the full news release

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MDB Rebranding Website Post Image

Introducing MDB Insight

It’s an exciting day for our team!

After eight years as Millier Dickinson Blais, we’re celebrating the launch of a name and a new logo. Going forward, we’ll be MDB Insight. You’ve always known us as MDB, so we’ve taken the plunge and made it official. We’ll still be the same great team (with shorter email addresses!) working to create positive impacts for our clients and our communities. Read the full blog post

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Canada’s Job Demand Stable Despite Oil and Gas Industry Woes

Guest Post by Strac Ivanov of Vicinity Jobs

In January, the Bank of Canada lowered its interest rate, citing expectations for a slowing growth and a widening output gap in the first half of 2015. In March, in an interview with the Financial Times, the Bank’s governor Stephen Poloz commented that “the first quarter of 2015 will look atrocious”. Around the same time, the OECD cut its growth forecast for Canada, for both 2015 and 2016. Read the full blog post

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TINAN 61 (March 2015)


  • Is your community age-friendly?
  • Are you ready for the Metropolitan Century?
  • Is education the key to closing the skills gap and sparking economic development?
  • Client Corner: Conception Bay South establishes a new BIA
  • Resource Review: Picking winners and losers in the entrepreneurial state

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Can productivity save global economic growth?

By Tarryn Landman

People in a busy plaza

Rapid growth in productivity and the number of workers has helped to fuel global GDP growth over the past 50 years. As populations age and workforces shrink in many countries, how will the global economic growth fare? The McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) looks at this question in a new study of the G19 (the G20 minus the European Union) and Nigeria, which generate 80 percent of global GDP. Read the full blog post

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The Arts and Culture as Economic Drivers: Ideas and US Best Practices

By Greg Baeker

A series of reports have focused on the role of cultural resources in advancing economic and broader community development agendas.  Read the full blog post

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