City of Mississauga builds on success

The City of Mississauga’s economic development history has been one of great success. Since its creation in 1974, the City has grown to become an example of positive economic growth and cultural diversity and a major contributor to a regional economy that creates a fifth of Canada’s GDP.

However, the City and region found itself at a crossroads. Although it had a highly integrated regional economy, the area faced growing levels of traffic congestion, a national decline of manufacturing employment and the need to boost productivity and innovation across all sectors of the economy.

A broader vision through consultation

The City of Mississauga retained MDB Insight to develop an economic development strategy to assist the City’s efforts to drive new investment in the community. The strategy was informed by a broad range of perspectives, experiences and ideas that identified the challenges and opportunities that will confront the City in the coming years, and the actions required to ensure lasting and sustainable economic growth.

The City’s Economic Development Office in particular was identified as having an important role to play in advancing the City’s economic prosperity.

It was determined that Office’s roles will include:

  • Providing thought leadership on key issues that will affect the City’s success locally and regionally
  • Assuming a more international and global perspective for measuring success
  • Enhancing the value proposition for the attraction of business, investment and residents to the City