Town of Markham is poised for the future

The Town of Markham and Markham Economic Development hired MDB Insight to undertake a transformative Economic Development Strategy designed to put this knowledge-intensive community at the leading edge of the GTA’s economic development activity.

The strategy is a departure from traditional economic development approaches, placing a strong and sustained emphasis on knowledge-based industries as the key to the community’s future growth and prosperity.

A focus on next-generation industries

MDB Insight developed a transformative Economic Development Strategy, including an economic sectors analysis and global market development strategy. A key component of the assignment was a broad ranging consultation program and local business survey that focused on Markham’s key growth sectors – advanced manufacturing for bio and life sciences, finance and insurance, information and cultural industries and professional scientific and technical service firms.

Kudos from Richard Florida

It should be noted that international economic development guru Richard Florida called the firm’s Markham strategy “the tightest, the smartest and the best one I’ve ever seen.”